Our Facilities

Insurance Eligibility Verification

Billing EDI and Paper claims to correct/Effective/Authenticate Medical Coverage after verification of Benefits over the portals and phone calls.

Patient Demo & Charge Entry

Following the guidelines of CMS Fee Schedule, National Correct Coding (NCCI Edits) and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Denial Management

Submission of Claims after complete information, Verification and codding scenario to avoid Rejections. 95% Denial Management with quick response on Refunds, EOBs, ERA and EOPs. 30 days Collection follow up, Appeals and Disputes within Time Frame.

Payment Reviews and Posting

95% Accuracy and According to CMS Fee Schedule Insurances and patients payment posting with perfections for providers Reporting.

Secondary and Tertiary Insurance

Billing to Supplemental plan and Tertiary insurance according to the Mother plan benefits.

AR Follow up and Reports

Efficient denial fixation, 30 days time frame follow up on every denied claim and verbally and documentation appeal or dispute filing within time frame.Printing all types of reports according to providers requirements.

Patient Statement and Refunds:

Take care of Patient Balance and Refunds.

Our Clients

Steven D Smith, MD

Nephrology & Internal Medicine Specialist

Tonia K Kim, MD

Podiatry Specialist

James M. Chevalier, MD

Physician Assistant specialist

Dr. Scott H. Johnson, MD


Dr. Annie Banks

Specialized in Chiropractor

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Clients Inquiry and Business Report

Your Eventual Business Partner for YOUR BUSINESS EVOLUTION
Medical Billing Services That Initiative Revenues and Eliminate Missed Collections
BlueMed BPO outsourced medical billing services give total reflectivity into your revenue cycle while reducing burdensome, repetitive tasks. Our medical billing service makes getting paid more and faster a true reality for healthcare centers.

Software We are Using for Billing

Our Mission & Vision


Having experience serving sea, we’re proud to work closely with our customers across the U.S. to help them meet their mission’s objectives. Our staff is committed to upholding client confidentiality and privacy and treating like family. In short, let me rephrase that idea in terms of service excellence and transparency. If you say you’ll meet you halfway, then you keep up that promise you made earlier! Whether you need assistance settling claims issues, we’re a trustworthy resource that gives you peace of mind.

On the other hand, the second reason is due to increasing complexity of the health care system. As we all know, there is a lot of competition in this industry due to large amount of health care providers. With increased competition, healthcare providers are having trouble to keep up with innovations in the market. Some healthcare providers have started moving towards advanced techniques of payment processing. Also, there has been great competition from private insurance plans. Patients are shifting towards coverage plan offered by private companies. That is why healthcare providers are now trying to stay ahead of such challenges. When the healthcare provider gets into constant competition, everything gets tricky and expensive for medical services. It becomes harder to stay profitable. So when your primary care physician decides to join forces with another provider in this industry, then you will only find yourself faced with issues like legal, financial, and marketing matters.


Effort and Intelligence matter. As a company as we find the determination and courage to set and reach challenging goals. Our passion drives us to accept responsibility, take on challenges to handle your billing & give you Revenue You deserve

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